Monday, December 31, 2007

Silverlight in Opera

Opera for Windows supports Silverlight. Unfortunately, most of Silverlight applications check the browser version so Silverlight doesn't start in Opera. Even Opera's "Mask as" feature doesn't work. So I wrote silverlight.js script to bypass it.

How to install Silverlight in Opera

  1. Download and install Opera (tested on 9.25, 9.50 beta 1 and 9.50 beta 2 on Windows XP)
  2. Download and install Silverlight
  3. Copy DLL files from "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight" to "C:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins"
  4. Download silverlight.js to your User Javascript directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Opera\userjs")
  5. Restart browser
  6. Try some of the Silverlight examples below


Known problems

  • Keyboard input doesn't work
  • Problems with drag and drop
  • On some sites don't work
  • Opera sometimes crashes

Any feedback is appreciated.

Silverlight 2.0

This script works for Silverlight 1.0. For Silverlight 2.0 no script is required. Just install Silverlight 2.0 and visit some page with that is using silverlight 2.0. (for example


RaDragon said...

Ta! This workaround works for me. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great on some sites if it works. But on that list only the top one seems to work at the moment.

Anonymous said...

will it work on the Mac version of Opera?

Ondrej Tomec said...

I don't know much about Mac, but if you are able to make Opera use Silverlight libraries (it is shown at opera:plugins) it should work.

Anonymous said...

yes, it works, but Opera is not stable... It crashes.

Anonymous said...

Works fine in Opera 9.51, but only on the last site that is listed as using Silverlight 2.0

Anonymous said...

This site keeps crashing with Silverlight 2 latest final release.

With the script,there is no crash but the error mesage displaed above Silverlight window "InitializeError- 2105 An error has occurred."

zibin said...

It's stable in Opera 9+

almny said...


Christian Wirth said...

Works for me! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think opera is the best browser already invented.
But microsoft don't like it and try stopped that.
I think silverligth should have a plug-in compatible with all platforms as like as flash and java applets; Microsoft always do that don't help other companies to improve themselves. Is easy to remenber other cases as like .docx that don't wont give codo to open office read docx;

I'm sorry my English

Anonymous said...

Silverlight 3.0 does not work with Opera 9.64 on Windows. Even with the workaround. :( said...

Thanks for the tip, we have a silverlight game and made a link ( to your topic hoping they can fix the issue with your workaround.